From the Organizing Committee of the Marathon and Half Marathon of Varadero, formed by the Medalists and Cuban Olympic Champions: Alberto Juantorena, Ana Fidelia Quirós, Javier Sotomayor, Yipsi Moreno, María Caridad Colón, Aniel García, Dayron Robles, Joel Lamela and #PinedaSport, we were hoping to give the welcome, within 2 months, in the spa of Cuba “Varadero”, to each of the runners enrolled in the Marathon and Half Marathon Varadero 2021 and give them the medal to recognize the effort, dedication and discipline that require preparation to run these distances.

The circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic that ravages the world oblige us to cancel the 2021 Varadero Marathon and Half Marathon, giving priority to the safety and health of our runners.

We hope that you are all well and able to run and enjoy the sport, despite the restrictions imposed by the circumstances we are living.

We must not forget why we run. Let’s keep the passion and fun in our hearts, no matter when we can participate in a race and get the next medal.

Specifications for those already registered:

  • If you wish to join us next month MARCH 2022, WE GUARANTEE YOUR REGISTRATION.
  • Those who wish to renounce their registration for the next year should contact through the email info@varadero-marathon.com to request the refund of the registration fee.

We want to thank the support received by our sponsor #PUMA

See you in 2022!!