PINEDA SPORT in collaboration with the Cuban Athletics Federation, INDER and CUBADEPORTES S.A, organizes the Varadero Half Marathon and the 10K Race.



Every person who wishes to participate, has to be over 18 years of age, federated or not, and foreign athletes who comply with the regulations of the Cuban Athletics Federation and IAAF will be able to participate.


3.- TOUR

The circuits of 10.000 meters and 21.097,5 meters have been approved by the Cuban Athletics Federation, enabled and asphalted in their entirety. The routes shall be duly signposted by the organisation. There will be water supply stations approximately at kilometers 5, 10, 15, 17, finish line and final provisioning inside the Central Park.



The start of the Marathon will take place at 06:00 hours, for the Half Marathon will take place at 06:30 hours and the start of the 10 K Race at 07:00 from the Central Park – 8.000 Taquillas.

The finish line will be located in the Central Park.

The Marathon will close at 13:00h (7 hours), the Half Marathon will close at 09:30h (3 hours) and the 10 km Race at 09:00h (2 hours), this being the official maximum time of each event.

To access to the start area, the runners will do so according to their best time, being planned to establish start corrals for the Half Marathon and for the 10K Race. This must be indicated at the time of the registration. The organization may request accreditation of the indicated best time.



The race will be controlled by judges of the Cuban Athletics Federation.

The timing will be done by EVEDEPORT with the Timingsense chip system. The chip will be incorporated in the bib.

Any runner who takes part without a race-bib visible throughout the race, as well as those who do not complete the race in its entirety, will be disqualified. It is totally forbidden to take part in the Half Marathon and 10K Race without race-bibs, being removed from the event those  who do not meet this standard.

The only vehicles authorised to stay at the race shall be those designated by the Organisation and shall be duly accredited. It is absolutely forbidden to follow the riders on a bike or motorbike, being removed by the police to avoid any accidents that could be caused.



The race-bibs will be picked up at the Runner Expo:

Iberostar Central Park Hotel – La Habana:
March 23th Wednesday: from 10:00 h to 14:00 h and from 16:00 h to 19:00 h.
March 24th Thursday: from 10:00 h to 14:00 h and from 16:00 h to 19:00 h.

Iberostar Selecction Bella Vista Hotel – Varadero:
March 25th Friday: from 16:00 h to 20:00 h.
March 26th Saturday: from 10:00 h to 14:00 h and from 16:00 h to 19:00 h.

Race day bib numbers will not be given.




For the 10k Race:
– General male and general female.

For the Half Marathon:
– General male and female.

For the Marathon:
– General male and female.

– Veterans (age will be taken into account on the day of the race).

– Categories: B: 40-44, C: 45-49, D: 50-54, E: 55-59, F: 60-64, G: 65-70, H: 70-74, I: 75 years or more.

– Regulatory Wheelchair Racing (M/F).

Participants in wheelchairs, Handbike (non-competitive) or any other type of wheelchair (non-competitive), may not exceed at any time the Police car that is opening the race. If this happens, the participant will be disqualified.



– General Classification Awards for the 10K Race for men and women 1st, 2nd, 3rd trophy.

– General Classification Awards  for the Half Marathon men and women 1st, 2nd, 3rd trophy.

– Veteran Ranking Awards in Half Marathon for men and women: trophy to the First Ranked of each category.



The race will have the necessary Medical Services to attend the runners. The Organization recommends that all participants undergo a Medical Check – Up prior to the race, accepting the risk of sports activity.

At the end of the race, participants who need it may make use of a physiotherapy service.



The runner, voluntarily, accepts to participate in the races, exhibitions or other events organized by Varadero Half Marathon, as well as in activities related to them (together, the “Events”), only if the runner find themself medically fit and properly trained. Agrees to agree to any decision made by an official of an Event about the ability of the runner to participate safely.

Acknowledges that participation in the Events is a potentially dangerous activity and the runner voluntarily assumes all the risks associated with such participation, including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, spectators or others, or in transit for vehicles or other objects located in height; transit, agglomerations and other conditions of the site, all risks that the runner declare to know and understand.

In knowledge of these facts, and attentive to the acceptance of the broker’s request to participate in this or these Events, on your own account and of any person authorized to act on your behalf, by this means the runner resigns, releases and exonerates of any responsibility, and accepts not to sue:

(a) the Organization of the Half Marthon; Pineda Sport, Cubadeportes, INDER, Cuban Athletics Federation, Evedeport; the City of Varadero, its Government and Mayor’s Office, departments, officials.

(b) All the sponsors.

(c) Employees and volunteers, including medical volunteers.

(d) All owners and lessors of the facilities in which any Event is held, and other representatives, agents and successors of each of the above-mentioned people.

Present and future claims and liabilities of any kind, known or not, arising out of your participation in the Events, even if any claim or liability arises out of negligence or fault of any of the Persons exonerated from liability.

The runner also acknowledge that the Varadero Half Marathon Organization reserves the right to modify the data (such as date, starting time, place and distance) of the Events and the services that they offer. In case of cancellation of the event for reasons of force majeure or external to the Organization of Varadero Half Marathon the amount of the registration will not be refundable.


Applicable to all participants in the events and activities organized by Varadero Half Marathon.

AUTHORIZATION: I authorize the Medical Director of the Events and the persons designated by him to provide any medical assistance they deem necessary or appropriate as a result of my participation in the Events, which includes, for illustrative purposes, transport to a hospital or other medical facility. I also grant you permission to access my medical records and my doctors, and any other information regarding the medical care I may receive at the medical center following my participation in the Events.

ACCEPT:  To participate in the Events respecting the sports rules established by the Cuban Athletics Federation.

AUTHORIZATION TO PUBLISH: I authorize the Persons exonerated of responsibility to use or authorize others to use any photographs, films, video recordings or sound any other record of my participation in the Events, including my name, portrait, drawing, image or information biographical, which includes, for illustrative purposes, age, gender, domicile, career outcomes, for any purpose, without remuneration in return.

ARBITRATION: I hereby agree that any present or future dispute or claim that may arise between me and any of the Persons exonerated from liability (including their former, current or future related companies) by reason of my participation with those persons must submit to the confidential, final and binding decision issued by a Cuba Judge.

I also agree that the Judge will have the power to grant any kind of reparation, including the payment of lawyers’ fees and costs, available under the applicable law. I accept that any competent court may pronounce a judgement in respect of the award rendered by the Judge, and that the award may be set aside or modified only on the grounds prescribed by the Laws of the Country (Cuba).

I understand that any arbitration process under this agreement will take place in Cuba, unless the Parties choose an alternative forum by mutual written agreement.

WAIVER OF COLLECTIVE ACTION: By this means I accept that all claims must be filed individually only. My signature to this agreement implies the waiver of my right to initiate or take part in any class or collective claim, or to jointly pursue with any other person a claim against the Persons exonerated from liability.

This Waiver/Exoneration of Liability shall be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Cuba and this Waiver shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of that State. Agreement that in the event that any clause or provision of this Waiver/Exoneration of liability is declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, its invalidity shall not affect the remaining provisions of this Waiver/Exoneration of Liability, which shall remain fully in force.


11.- What is not provided for in these regulations, as well as any claims, will be decided by the judge-arbitrator, in accordance with the regulations of the I.A.A.F. and the Cuban Athletics Federation.

12.- All participants, by the fact of taking the start, accept the present regulations. In case of doubt, the criterion of the organization shall prevail.